About José

José is a graphic designer working in his native city of San Francisco. He holds a degree in Graphic Design from California College of the Arts and has a previous BA in Politics from the University of California Santa Cruz. His love for design was born from his passion for social justice. In his eyes, design is a powerful force in promoting messages of peace and equity in society and his goal is to ultimately realize the potential of design as a catalyst for social change.

Lofty goals aside, José enjoys working with clients to ensure that the customer is always happy. He has a particular interest in UI and UX design and is always looking for ways to improve on his skillset. He is currently looking to work for a company that will help boost his knowledge base and make for a fun place to work.

In his free-time he likes to garden, race (crash!) at the track, read Old West Fiction, and watch Tarantino films on constant repeat. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, dog and Chinchilla.