UCSF School of Medicine

The UCSF School of Medicine has many visual needs throughout the school year, and especially, during academic breaks. We worked with UCSF to develop graphics for several different projects that promote the accomplishments of the school.


Modular Infographics

Infographics and fun visual facts are best utilized when placed near a written story so that they can add context and give visual insights. For this project, with the School of Medicine, we worked with the communications team to develop modular infographic "nuggets" that can be dropped into place in a publication, or online. This versatility, and file compatibility, allowed these visual assets to be used, reused and remixed so that they can have the most impact over time.


Bridges Curriculum

The development of a new academic curriculum is not usually promoted with any significant fanfare. The School of Medicine wanted to change that and have the students, and potential students, to get as excited as the administration was for the new system. I worked with them to visually describe the process of the Bridges Curriculum, to show the arc of a student's progress and the granular schedule of going from start to finish.



Incoming Class Infographic

A web based graphic for incoming students to see quick and fun facts regarding the makeup of their class. Similar to above projects, we had to adhere to UCSF's style guide for fonts and colors in developing these graphics.